Excavators drive Lower Austria

You´re already running out of space in your sandbox? A nomal shovel does not longer match with your expectation of getting things done? With us you´re going to experience the real world of digging. Steer a 24t chain dredger and shake the ground.
Everyone has secretly wondered how an excavator works. And many would like to control a crawler excavator and dig as much as they can. Anyone who has ever wondered whether there is a place where, for example... can try out a crawler excavator or where to find an excavator park - the answer is: with us!
So make an appointment now and dig it yourself or make someone really happy with a voucher.
This is the ultimate gift for men who want to let out the child in them! But women also enjoy digging.

In the "big sandbox" you have the most powerful men's toys at your disposal, from 2.5t to 24t tracked excavators. Excavate until the earth shakes! You can hardly give better gifts because this experience will stay in your memory forever!

1 Experience available

Driving a digger in Lower Austria

Price: € 199,00

ca. 45 Minuten




You want to try driving a 24- tonner? Than you are at the right place here. An expert stays at your side and shows you how to drive and control the giant vehicle. After a short period of time, you take over and let off steam on the huge area. You can dig craters and kick up mud and soil - let your f...

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