Adventures24 GmbH - General Terms and Conditions

Effective January 2021

Business Purpose
Adventures24 GmbH, operating under the protected name Vienna Adventures (short WA), presents the adventure offerings in Upper Austria in a clear manner, making a pre-selection for its customers based on criteria such as fun, adrenaline content, service, and safety. WA acts as an intermediary for recreational activities but does not perform these services independently. The actual organizers are various partners of WA (also referred to as service partners) who carry out the services at their own expense and are solely responsible for the execution of the adventures/experiences. The terms and conditions of the service partners apply to the execution.

A contract between WA and the customer is formed only for the mediation service, and the following general terms and conditions apply in the version valid at the time of ordering. The contract regarding the booking and execution of the respective adventure is formed directly between the customer and the respective organizer. Therefore, fulfilling the booked service is not part of WA's obligation to perform.

Customers can purchase either a voucher for a specific type of adventure (Adventure Voucher) or a general voucher issued for a certain amount (PrePaid Voucher). Vouchers must be activated online for a specific adventure/experience so that they can be redeemed with the partner. Upon activation, the customer and the service partner receive each other's contact details and can set a date for the adventure. The voucher must be submitted to the organizer.

Adventure Vouchers can be exchanged for a PrePaid Voucher, allowing the choice of a different adventure until activation.
If the value of the chosen adventure is higher than the amount of the PrePaid Voucher, the difference must be paid. Conversely, if the value of the chosen adventure is lower than the amount of the PrePaid Voucher, a remaining balance is kept on the voucher. This remaining balance can be checked online using the voucher number.
The voucher is valid for redemption within 3 years from the issue date. After this period, a one-time extension of the voucher for another year is possible against a processing fee of €8.00 per voucher, plus any price increase of the adventure.
The voucher is transferable, but it is important to ensure that the recipient meets the participation requirements of the adventure.
Some adventures/experiences depend on a minimum number of participants; if not met, the experience will not take place. In this case, the vouchers remain valid, and a new date will be announced.
Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

Unlike a voucher, the organizer and event date are already fixed at the time of purchase for a ticket. The ticket does not need to be activated, and the organizer's contact details are already on the ticket. The right of withdrawal and exchange, similar to Adventure Vouchers, is excluded.
If the adventure cannot be conducted due to force majeure, especially due to bad weather, the ticket can be redeemed like an Adventure Voucher on another day. The decision whether bad weather conditions exist, leading to the cancellation of the event, lies exclusively with the organizer. Compensation for any travel or accommodation costs incurred is not provided. Unilateral withdrawal from the event contract is excluded, unless there are important, legal reasons. If the booker or participant and the organizer agree to cancel the event contract, the mediation by Upper Austria Adventures can be reversed. In this case, the booker or participant will be refunded the ticket value in the form of an Upper Austria value voucher. Cash payment is not possible.

All stated prices are final prices and include statutory VAT. In addition to the named prices, costs for mediation, packaging, and shipping may apply, but these will be listed separately.
WA's price guarantee refers to the regular selling price of the service partners. Promotions or discounts for certain groups of people are excluded from the price guarantee.

Discount and Advantage Codes
Discount or advantage codes cannot be combined with other discount promotions. Only one discount code can be redeemed per order. Discount codes are limited in validity and have a minimum order value. The subsequent application of discount codes is not possible for PrePaid Vouchers obtained through the exchange of Adventure Vouchers. An application during an exchange to a PrePaid Voucher is not possible. Cash payment, as well as a subsequent application to already placed orders, is excluded.

Payment Modalities
Ordered vouchers can be paid for by credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or Apple Pay. In exceptional cases, payment via bank transfer is possible. For payment by invoice, the amount must be paid within one week of receiving the invoice, and vouchers are only released for activation after full payment has been received by WA. For payment by credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or Apple Pay, the voucher can be activated immediately.

The delivery of the gift-wrapped voucher takes place within 3-7 working days to the address specified at the time of ordering. The PDF version for last-minute givers is available for free shipping within a few minutes.

Right of Withdrawal
Consumers have theright to withdraw their order within 14 days of receiving the vouchers without stating reasons, either in writing (letter, email) or by returning the originally packaged voucher with complete and unused contents. To meet the withdrawal deadline, timely dispatch of the withdrawal notice or goods is sufficient. Withdrawal for tickets is not possible.

Consequences of Withdrawal:
The customer bears the costs of returning the goods if the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed €40.00, or if the customer has not provided the consideration or a partial payment at the time of withdrawal for a higher-priced item, unless the delivered goods do not match the ordered ones. The refund will be made via transfer to an account specified by the customer. For all customers who activate their adventure/experiences within the 14 days, the 14-day right of withdrawal expires prematurely, as they automatically agree to an early end of the withdrawal right.

Model Withdrawal Form

Physical Requirements of Participants
Participation in certain experiences requires a minimum level of personal suitability (e.g., height, age, health condition, weight). These requirements are specified in the individual adventure descriptions. After activation, the purchaser of a voucher is responsible for ensuring that the person intending to participate in the respective experience meets the minimum requirements. Refund of the purchase price in case of non-fulfillment of minimum requirements is excluded.

Organizer's Right of Withdrawal (Service Partner)
A right of withdrawal also exists if the experience cannot be conducted due to force majeure, especially due to bad weather conditions. The decision whether bad weather conditions exist, leading to the cancellation of the event, lies exclusively with the organizer. Participants are required to consult with the organizer in a timely manner, with the last possible time and necessary contact information provided in the booking confirmation. In the case of withdrawal by the organizer, the participant has the right to rebook at no additional cost. Compensation for any travel or accommodation costs incurred is not provided.

WA's Right of Withdrawal
Until the activation of an experience by the voucher holder, WA is entitled to withdraw from the contract for important reasons. Important reasons include, for example:
- the organizer is no longer a service partner of WA or has ceased business altogether
- it is economically unreasonable for the organizer to conduct the experience
- force majeure
In such cases, WA will inform you immediately.

Upon withdrawal from the contract for important reasons, you will be promptly refunded the booking price paid to us. Alternatively, you have the right to book an equivalent adventure from the WA offer. Further claims against WA, especially claims for damages (e.g., travel costs, accommodation), are excluded.

Changes to the Offer
WA reserves the right to make changes to the organizer or the adventure. In the event of a significant change to the contents of an adventure, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without charge or to choose an equivalent adventure from the WA offer.

Liability of Upper Austria Adventures
Information about mediated adventures/experiences is based exclusively on the information provided by the organizers and does not constitute a guarantee by WA to the customer.
WA is not liable for the provision of mediated adventures/experiences by the organizer but only for the careful selection of the respective organizer, the proper mediation of the experience, and the proper and verifiable transmission of information, advertisements, declarations of intent, and payments between customers and organizers.
For damages resulting from the breach of contractual obligations, WA is liable up to the amount of the price of the mediated experience. For any further damages, WA is liable only in cases of intent or gross negligence.
WA is not liable for the unauthorized redemption of vouchers. In case of loss or theft of vouchers or tickets, the customer is obliged to contact WA immediately so that a blockage of the code can be initiated.

Retention of Title / Withdrawal in Case of Non-Payment / Consequences of Delay in Payment
Until full payment, the voucher remains the property of WA. Payment must be made at the latest one week after the invoice date (invoice date). After this payment period has expired, WA has the right to withdraw from the contract or cancel the voucher, resulting bookings, or credits at any time. The statutory claims regarding the consequences of delayed payment remain unaffected. The redemption of the voucher is subject to the condition that the purchase price for the voucher has been fully paid to WA.

Other Provisions
The invalidity of individual provisions of the mediation contract or the GTC does not affect the validity of the entire contract.
The court of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from a contract with business customers is agreed to be the competent court in Ried im Innkreis.
All image and text material may only be used with WA's consent.

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